Friday, May 3, 2013

Assata Shakur case is a attack on all New Afrikan women(black)

Revolutionary Greetings:1st clench fist love to Nana Assata Shakur be strong be the warriorress you have always been justice,victory,and liberation will be yours and ours Free The Land. 2nd Assata Shakur case is a attack on all New Afrikan(black) people but more so on all New Afrikan(black) woman do to the re-actionary racist power structure who continues to use they strategic tactics to keep control and destroy our people,the attack has been going on for centuries i.e. patriarchy with another upfront crime at the scene thats taking place in front of the world through the use of terrorism propaganda,this is a historical ongoing issue let me say in any war to keep control of a historical enemy, is to attack the woman physically,Mentally,Spiritually etc, this is to pump fearism into our woman and to keep them from standing up against the tyranny that this empire has imposed on new afrikan people since the first new afrikans stepped off the boats..

This attack is to keep our woman from becoming political and socially involved in the bigger problems of our people e.g. raising they consciousness from the pits of colonialization & mind washed i.e. post traumatic slave syndrome to keep them in a standstill of forever nothingness.. the fbi and hoover over the decades was ironically targeting black woman cause they know black woman was and is the key to liberation on all levels, shes the backbone of the revolution theres nobody stronger and intelligent then the black woman when she is in her right conscious state of being and most important when shes stand up for the black man and her people overall, they feared the growth the movements cause our woman were joining and supporting and participating in the struggle at fast rates in the 60s but ill even go as far to say they even feared the historical status and stance of black woman from great leaderships of warriorress like Yaa Asantewaa,Amanishaketo,Queen Nzinga, who got up for the get down on historical enemies of Afrikan people trust and believe the re-actionary oppressors have more belief into what you can do and accomplish against the power structure then you do when its balanced or the black woman at the front leading umoja for victory...

Our woman has and are political targets even if they aint political cause this struggle is a historical war wether our own people who arent conscious enough to realize that or simply dont care, its a ideological,social,economical,political,cultural attack on our woman and there using Assata Shakur as a open season example with this fabricated terrorist list and 2million bounty to show our younger sisters there tactics publically to embed in there minds

not to stand up,or even look up to Queen Assata or get involved into activism like her they want our woman to stand down and to stay silent closed mouth on our community issues and not to fight the power structure that has historical subjugated our woman from the fight in modern times,there are great numbers of our woman still on the frontline but not enough, the power structure is no doubt seeing a uprise in the revolutionary movements and even our everyday 9-5 regular citizens conscious awareness to the same ole tyranny of the conservative and liberal re-actionary establishment and elitist war games on people of color, like Angela davis stated they considered Assata shakur the mother Hen of the black liberation army and movement by saying that they realized this warriorress had to be destroyed or captured back in the 70s and the ambush in jersey was just that a coordinating removal plan by j edgar hoover and cointelpro... this latest fabricated and political targeting of Assata shkaur is no doubt a fear tactic to pump into the grandchildren and the kids and even of my age and younger of the 60s and 70s political activist to not get active in activism or any revolutionary or plain old movements that stand up for our human rights and justice its another move on the part of the oppressive united states government to show our daughters and portray our woman as criminals,terrorist, and every other re-actionary term they can come up with if they get active in justice against a historical terrorist ran government by descendents of rome..they have to use a great public figure to get this message across cause its been used for centuries.

Whats even more ironic is how they used the boston bombings as the spring board for the fbi and new jersey racist pig agency to up the bounty and add our queen sistar to a terrorist list, our people and especially our woman have to take a deep look at this and see this aint a game how they use big staged attacks on the public and turn right around use it for racial motives on the new afrikan communities by going after assata shakur to me a terrorist is the united snakes government legal wars,bombing kids with drone missiles nothing assata shakur has ever did comes close to being a terrorist, if being a politically activist and being attacked by warmonger racist pigs is considered being a terrorist sign me up. Im a end on this note all our younger sisters,daughters, and even older woman of our people the time is now for you to realize what we advocate is the truth and nothing but the truth time to pull the cloak and sheet off your eyes and dont stand down but stand up for our political prisoners in jail and in exile we cant let this oppressive government attack our woman and to pump fear in they mental and we dam sure can let them get away with this fabrication on Assata Shakur remember her struggle is for good not evil she stood up for us so stand up for her for she is you and you are her... ~REBUILD FTL written by HAKI KWELI SHAKUR @Haki_kweli_shakur on instagram,  twitter @Haki_k_shakur facebook Haki Kweli Shakur youtube channel Haki Kweli Shakur August Third Collective South NAIM NAPLA Republic of New Afrika Citizen...


  1. common a song for Assata.. power to the people who dont fear freedom

  2. A blacktastic article. Panther love

    1. @moorbey Asante sana comrad New Afrikan power ..power to people that dont fear freedom and refuse to be free dumb.. RB!!