Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Genderlization Confrontation(Black Male vs Female Continued Failed Relationships & Family Structure)

Gender confrontation is at all time high sorder like going outside an lookin up in the sky, An when you realize how high it is you will clearly see how far part the afrikan man & women truly is at this stage of existence in amerika... The psychological aspect is really the most damaging theres no common sense logic to afrikan family unity/building/structure.. Has the european strategic oppression subjugation plans on our ancestors worked and continued on our generations.. If so how did most our grandparents stand the test of loyalty an longevity love and family through some of the harshes conditions and poverty and surpressions and colored oppression the empire of amerika has layed on afrikan people...

But they stuck it out wit plenty of kidz not say that they were perfect with no problems they stuck to the code of loyalty... Or did the genderlization confrontation start when the european went to stage two the destruction of afrikans in amerika thru the drug push in the urban afrikan communities that transformed our male figures into local scarfaces and supaflys into one and further more turn the women into single mothers cause the fathers wanted the fast buck so he ran the streetz falling into the european trapp... Or was it when the afrikan male broke the code an turn from pusher to user of the drugs and started pimpin the afrikan women brutalizing her self respect.... Then crack came and operation war on drugs which was really a war on afrikan people and destroyed our house wholes more and more babies was being born and afrikan males targeted and encaged and forced the women to government assistance soon as she did the european system became and replaced the afrikan males at home...See all this was stages we went through up to now we went from grandparents love loyalty an longevity to baby daddies and mommas none love loyalty an longevity...All this in short period of time 2012 were mentally and physically subjugated from each other .. A bunch of sexualism and materialism a tug a war wit each other to get what we can out each other to not feel played in the end', but truly in the end in these dayz is kidz, kourts,child support, jail, welfare, and fuck my baby father and mother no family structure..How can fathers raise they kids and dont live with them and vice versa... Thatz not universal balance i guess willie lynch is in his grave smiling well atleast the piece of paper is...

In 1712 it stated put the black man vs the women female vs male as he quoted this to the european slave master to keep afrikan people controlled mentally and physically its been exactly 300 years and look around and ask your self is it still working ? ... An ask your self have your relationships ended up this way today kids and seperation and hatred for each other.. One last thing we gotta start re-building these relations for a stronger afrikan family for the kids to grow up in ..Cause it effects them the most an just plain relationships period stop using each other get know them before you love them ...Sex the mind then things a grow strong in due time...And then overall we will defeat this genderlization confrontation .... -ReBuild written by Me Haki Kweli Shakur (Antoine Martin) reach me at twitter @haki_shakur and fb www.facebook.com/Hakishakur August 3rd collective New Afrikans

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The original Mother and child Auset/Heru of Afrika/Africa Egypt Deities from the oldest civilized civilization on earth wit the RBGreen around the neck is in the photo below there the original trinity where the europeans copied mary and jesus and the black madonna and child in mid evil europe back to the colors rbgreen ... Pan Afrikan colorz in ancient timez ..The egyptian palette had six colorz but im a use this 3ree, The Red(Desher) The Black(Khem ...& kem) The Green(Wadj).. Kemets The Red was a powerful color, symbolizing two extremes: Life and victory as well as anger and fire. Red also represented blood, and in Chapter 156 from the Book of the Dead (as translated by Dr. Raymond Faulkner), protection is sought through the blood (power) of Isis.. in Pan Afrikan Red has powerful symbolic meaning. The color Red is for the color of blood shed in the cause of Black Liberation down through the centuries. In nature red is a color of warning. Red also indicates fruit is ripe for eating. It gets the viewers attention, carries a strong reaction and informs us what we see is important... kemet The Black could also represent fertility and resurrection because of the dark silt left behind by the annual Nile flood. From the most ancient Egyptian times, Egypt was known as Kemet, or "the black land", because of the dark soil of the Nile Valley; therefore, the color black symbolized Egypt itself. When used to represent resurrection, black and green were interchangeable.... We see this reflected in Osiris, who was referred to as "the black one" because he was king of the afterlife, and also with reference to the god of embalming, Anubis, who was portrayed as a black jackal or dog. Because Queen Ahmose-Nefertari was the patroness of the necropolis, she was often shown with black skin.. Pan Afrikan Black points to the color of our noble people. The color represents Africans at home and abroad. The original name for Ancient Egypt, which everyone knows is in Africa, was Kemet. KMT in the original Kemetic language means the “Black Land” or “Land of the Blacks.”

Black does not emit or reflect light; it absorbs all frequencies of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Light interacts with atoms and molecules to convert to other forms of energy. As black absorbs light, it absorbs energy making black a thermal energy collector.

Black is a color of authority and power. Judges and lawyers wear black robes. Priests, rabbis, and ministers wear black as well. Black is worn on important occasions. Black limousines are usually in abundance at such events.

Sports teams have modified their uniforms so they have black in their away colors as it is perceived to impart a psychological advantage to the wearer.

In accounting being “in the black” means all one's debts have been paid and a profit is being generated.

Black is also the color of the universe as is easily seen by looking at the night sky.

Scientists have determined the universe consists primarily of Dark Matter. This matter accounts for the gravitational pull in effect throughout the universe.

What makes black people black? MELANIN!!!

Melanin is the aromatic chemical which makes black people black. It comes in several colors including red, yellow, brown and black. That's why black people come in all colors.

The Green(Wadj) Kemet Green was believed to be the color of new life, growth, vegetation, and fertility. A person was said to be doing "green things" if his behavior was beneficial or life producing. The power of green to guarantee new life or resurrection is why many depictions of Osiris show him with green skin, referring to his resurrection and power over vegetation. Chapter 77 of the Book of the Dead makes reference to the deceased becoming a falcon "whose wings are of green stone", referring to new life and rebirth. Also, the common "Eye of Heru" amulet is often green characterizing the color as one of healing and well-being in its association with the eye. But the most important green amulet was the heart scarab, which was placed in the heart cavity in case something happened to the deceased person’s actual heart. The heart was vital because it was considered the seat of emotions and intellect, and it was believed that the heart had a will and existence of its own. Several chapters in the Book of the Dead are dedicated to the preservation and protection of the heart.
Wadj, the word for green, which also meant to flourish or be healthy, was used for the papyrus plant as well as for the green stone malachite. Green malachite was a symbol of joy. In a larger reference, the phrase "field of malachite" was used when speaking of the land of the blessed dead
Pan Afrikan Green symbolizes the enormous, abundant, natural wealth of our Motherland Africa. In every natural sense Africa is the most blessed. Africa is a continent where land, people, mineral and plant resources have always been in abundance.

During the African Independence explosion and civil rights movement of the 1960s the RBG saw a resurgence of popularity. In addition to the RBG being used as a model for flags in countries gaining independence such as Kenya, Zambia, Sudan, Libya, Ghana and others it was used as a symbol for unity in the United States of America.

Along with independence came the need to express a national identity. One expression of national identity occurred in Jamaica. This was accomplished through the naming of “National Heroes” the first of which was Marcus Garvey. Garvey's enshrinement in Kingston's National Heroes Park on November 15, 1964 drew worldwide attention to his widow, Amy Jacques Garvey.

During the sixties she authored two books “Garvey and Garveyism” and “Black Power in America: The Power of the Human Spirit.” Garvey and Garveyism was originally published in 1963, going through at least four printings by 1978. In it she laid out what Marcus Garvey did for Jamaicans in particular and Africans the world over in general.

In Black Power in America: The Power of the Human Spirit, she explored the idea of Black Power and its origins with the words, works and deeds of Marcus Garvey.
Amy Jacques Garvey also wrote a pledge to the flag entitled “THIS FLAG OF MINE”



Amy Jacques Garvey ..... Zalute RBG BLEZZ UP ~REBUILD BY HAKI