Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Genderlization Confrontation(Black Male vs Female Continued Failed Relationships & Family Structure)

Gender confrontation is at all time high sorder like going outside an lookin up in the sky, An when you realize how high it is you will clearly see how far part the afrikan man & women truly is at this stage of existence in amerika... The psychological aspect is really the most damaging theres no common sense logic to afrikan family unity/building/structure.. Has the european strategic oppression subjugation plans on our ancestors worked and continued on our generations.. If so how did most our grandparents stand the test of loyalty an longevity love and family through some of the harshes conditions and poverty and surpressions and colored oppression the empire of amerika has layed on afrikan people...

But they stuck it out wit plenty of kidz not say that they were perfect with no problems they stuck to the code of loyalty... Or did the genderlization confrontation start when the european went to stage two the destruction of afrikans in amerika thru the drug push in the urban afrikan communities that transformed our male figures into local scarfaces and supaflys into one and further more turn the women into single mothers cause the fathers wanted the fast buck so he ran the streetz falling into the european trapp... Or was it when the afrikan male broke the code an turn from pusher to user of the drugs and started pimpin the afrikan women brutalizing her self respect.... Then crack came and operation war on drugs which was really a war on afrikan people and destroyed our house wholes more and more babies was being born and afrikan males targeted and encaged and forced the women to government assistance soon as she did the european system became and replaced the afrikan males at home...See all this was stages we went through up to now we went from grandparents love loyalty an longevity to baby daddies and mommas none love loyalty an longevity...All this in short period of time 2012 were mentally and physically subjugated from each other .. A bunch of sexualism and materialism a tug a war wit each other to get what we can out each other to not feel played in the end', but truly in the end in these dayz is kidz, kourts,child support, jail, welfare, and fuck my baby father and mother no family structure..How can fathers raise they kids and dont live with them and vice versa... Thatz not universal balance i guess willie lynch is in his grave smiling well atleast the piece of paper is...

In 1712 it stated put the black man vs the women female vs male as he quoted this to the european slave master to keep afrikan people controlled mentally and physically its been exactly 300 years and look around and ask your self is it still working ? ... An ask your self have your relationships ended up this way today kids and seperation and hatred for each other.. One last thing we gotta start re-building these relations for a stronger afrikan family for the kids to grow up in ..Cause it effects them the most an just plain relationships period stop using each other get know them before you love them ...Sex the mind then things a grow strong in due time...And then overall we will defeat this genderlization confrontation .... -ReBuild written by Me Haki Kweli Shakur (Antoine Martin) reach me at twitter @haki_shakur and fb www.facebook.com/Hakishakur August 3rd collective New Afrikans

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