Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Violent Truth of The Attack on New Afrikan Proletariats & Communities (Trayvon Martin & Rekia boyd)

The truth of the attack on New Afrikan proletariats.. let me start off by sayin RIP trayvon martin and rekia boyd pour out a little libation for there spiritual Trascention to be with the ancestors ashe.. what do i mean by attack on the proletariats ...proletariats are the lower class of any society on the green earth meaning the people who is closes to poverty that being from the middle to lower class people those in the majority are the black and brown of the planet ..and its funny i mention that cause we were never minorities that was a label giving  to keep our mental en locked in chains of poverishment and to keep you physically degraded as well...this attack on the strugglers have been a theme for over hundreds of years in the empire of amerika on this class of natives far too long and definitely has a vicious cycle aka warfare attached to this.. if you still walking around and not noticing that were being clipped off at alarming rate you must be either one of those people doing the clipping or ignoring the clippin or you living on mars..First is the sad story of  the young native Afrikan Amerikan from sandford florida who was visiting his father to enjoy  a nice sunday game with his pops and step mother and other family.. he decides to take a walk to the store to grab some items to snack on and for his little bro ..

Its ery cause theres no way this 17 year old when he left his fam presence did he think he wasnt gonna return home i mean permitly not return.. so hes on the way back talkin to his girlfriend on his cell hes almost back to his fathers residence and  he notices a fat man a european/spanish/jewish man eyeing him so travyon was a well known athlete notice the guy is following and uttering slander perhaps derogatory for me to repeat so trayvon runs off and this cat catches up grabs him trayvon fights back but ultimently loss to the metal that was released by this predator george zimmerman and he pleas self defense get real as you can see that waz attack to the fullest carried out.. justice is demanded asap...  Now let me briefly get to Rekia boyd the recent casuality to this hundred year attack on the proletariats of amerika now this beautiful women a bystandard minding her own bizz and a crazed beastly rogue off duty cop is 'LERKIN" in the community.. again this women had no idea she woudnt return to her home permitly that day she awoke and left .. this rogue cop pulls up on a New Afrikan minding his bizz askin him questions random non logical ones at that the usual stereo typical you black so you must be criminal and up to no good .. so he ask is that a gun the man replies no.. i don't got a gun tha whole time Rekia is tending to her own bizz this rogue cop yells i see a gun which is the mans cell phone  and pulls out a gun and rapidly opens up on the natives not caring where the bullets going and poor Rekia never saw it coming struck down immediately and the man was struck hand almost blew off...

in closing both cases were considered justified shootings im thinkin ok justified for what being black in two different areas one the urban hood the other european gated community so i say wheres the justice on these strategic planned attacks thatz been going for hundreds of decades.. as you can see theres no justice--> but "JUST US" time to protect yourselfs from these rogue attacks from these descedents of there past ancestors that still roam amongst us clipping us off one by one the sickness still remains in the empire of Amerika and the violent attacks on the New Afrikan proletariats communities and Abroad....  ~Rebuild Haki Shakur(Antoine Martin) or twitter @haki_shakur IG g_starmov3r

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