Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rev Greetingz(Introduction Rebuild)

Habari Gani I'm Haki Kweli Shakur formly known as Antoine 'twan' Martin welcome to my blog i created this blog cause alotta people wanted me too .. i wasnt at first but to my display of information for the people on facebook,twitter, etc i decided to take to this bloggin thing.. you wondering what my display name means .. i decided to go with " Feed The People Tumaini" cause it sounds different and original  cause what im a be feeding the people is brain food to get full of for the people aka the masses and most definitly New afrikan peoples in the struggle and people abroad  "Hope"who not aware of somethings that were taught in there His-story classes.. this blogg info is for everybody to take in what i give out .. oh yea by the way 'Tumaini" is swahili for hope .. hope is a powerful word in all aspects of our existence on the Great Mother egg aka Earth so stay tune im setting up this blogg page so it be a sec for i start droppin things i wanna share cause im new to this till then stay hopin for whatever you desire but go and get it ... zalute ~Rebuild and Clench fist love to Sanyika Shakur August 3rd collective of N.A.P.L.A and free all New Afrikan polticial prisoners behind enemy linez, and respectz and bullet proof love to all Revolutionary Collectives and Movements worldwide letz organize and rize, plant the seed and watch it grows and change the world wherever corruption and injustice liez.. contact: twitter @haki_shakur IG g_starmov3r

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