Sunday, March 25, 2012


GMon-Sun Zalutions ' Know Thyself An Love Thyself It seems everyone getz caught up in this needing love from another partner, when truly know one can love you like the love for self, sex is extra tool not love so seperate the two, if you dont have love for self you cant believe someone else will, cause false hope an reality an faith in another human is snyper kill, so build a bridge across it an get over it, self preservation an communal observation an loyalty over love can truly give you happiness from above, as well as below cause the true things about self needs fixing is the only thing that we need to know,to move to the next stage of growth inside an out, another person or partner will see this an will truly be ready to throw that assist, a universal connection and yall whole entity will come together as one an complete the aligment of all those thingz between the god an goddess zalute now an forever.... so say *** SELF I LOVE U AN I LOVE U SELF*** INTUNE WIT MY GODLY SELF AN LAST BUT NOT LEAST KNOW THYSELF AN LOVE THYSELF ~HAKI KWEL SHAKUR(Antoine Martin) twitter @haki_shakur

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