The 'kh' metut/hieroglyphic symbol in the name is often
interchangeable in the language of Kamit with the metut/symbol
for 'sh'. In the Twi (Akan) language we have the same sound and it is written "hy". In both languages (Kamit & AKan), the meaning is the same. The 'kh' in Khensu, is pronounced similarly. 'Khensu' thus becomes 'Shensu', 'Tchensu', 'Jensu', 'Yeshu', 'Hesu-s' in greek. The 'n' in the name is nasal, as it is in Twi.

"Khensu" is a hawk-headed Divinity, and as a form of Heru, He is the son of Auset and Ausar. Does His name indicate this? Yes. "Kh" or "Khi" in the language of Kamit means "child". "Nsu" (nesu) means "Divine, royal, King, King of Southern Kamit". 'Nsu' is the title of the King (Per aa, Pharoah). It is the first part of 'Nesubat' (nsubat), meaning "king of the south and north". Kh-nsu, Khi-nsu, thus means "Divine royal child". 'Heru' or 'Khensu Heru' is the Divine royal child born of Auset and Ausar. He was born to become King.

The whites and their offspring used the descriptive title of the God Heru (Khensu) and corrupted it into "Khensus, Shensus, Shesu, Yeshu, Hesus", and in english 'jesus'. You must hear the pronunciations of 'Khensu' (Tchensu--Tchay-nsoo) and 'Yeshu' (Jay/Yay-soo) and 'Hesus' (Hay-soos) together, and you will see the connection.

I'm assuming you all know the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru. But briefly, the God Ausar and the Goddess Auset were King and Queen in Kamit. Their brother, the God Set was jealous of Ausar and murdered Him. He took Ausar's body and threw it in the river. Auset was then removed from power and Set took over the rule of the country, reigning as a tyrant. Auset searched tirelessly for the body of Her Husband. When She found Him She performed ritual. Through ritual, the Spirit of the God Ausar came to Auset, and through Their Divine spiritual union Auset became pregnant with Heru (Khensu).

Of course, this is the origin of the story of Auset Merit (Mary)
being impregnated by the Holy Spirit of God the Father (Ausar) and conceiving the Son of God (Khensu/Hesus/Jesus). Auset was told by Tehuti (the God of Wisdom) that Heru would grow strong and defeat the rule of Set. Tehuti then directed Auset to hide in the swamps of North Kamit to raise the child in secret. Set (the red-evil one) was corrupted by the whites into Set-an/Satan/Shaitan, the red devil. He sought to kill Khensu Heru, because he knew that of the prophecy that Heru would grow to defeat Him and restore the kingdom of His Father Ausar.

I.e., this is the origin of mary going to northern egypt with "jesus" to avoid the wrath of the evil king who sought to kill all newborn boys. It is also the origin of the 'angel' gabriel coming to mary and telling her that she would give birth to the sun/son of god.

Death and resurrection of Khensu Heru. (See the Metternich Stele) Auset comes to find Heru has been stabbed by one of Set's associates. She embraces the body of Her Son and laments. Her Sister, the Goddess Nebt Het laments with Her. Another Goddess, Serqet, tells Auset to call on Ra in Heaven. Auset calls on Ra. Ra sends Tehuti down from Heaven to facilitate the resurrection of Heru. Heru goes on to defeat Set and take over the rule of the world. Heru, Auset, and Nebt Het then resurrect Ausar.

I.e., Khensu (Hesus) has been murdered. The two Marys (Auset Merit and Nebt Het Merit) are there to embrace the body of the dead Son of God. The "angel of the Lord" (NOT gabriel/TEHUTI) comes to tell the two Marys (as the song goes "mary(s) don't you weep". Khensu (Hesus) is resurrected.

The Holy Bible

Bible" comes from Byblos,Pyplus/Pyprus---Papyrus. "Holy" comes from Helios. Who is Helios? The greek corruption of "Ra". Holy bible = "Helios Papyrus". Or, Papers/Papyrus/Book of Ra. Plagiarisms.

Yeshua ben Pandera

The talmudic character Yeshua ben Pandera is fictional. A major nothern sanctuary of the worship of Ausar, Auset and Heru (and this held true also very heavily in the "christian era") is a city called Tata (often written with the metut/symbol for the soft 't'or 'd'). It is pronounced 'Dada'. It is often spelled Tettetu, or Tettet. The triad of the city was Ba Neb Tata, Hat Mehit, and Heru pa khart. (A "bishop" was sent from this region to the council of Nicea. Remember "bishop" is actually defined in by Webster as the head of a non-christian religious sect/group, etc.)

Ausar was identified with Ba Neb Tata. Look at the "names of Ausar in all the shrines wherein He dwells" (See Budge's Gods of the Egyptians, Vol. 2, Osiris chapter.) One of Ausar's titles is "Ausar Ba Neb Tata". 'Ba' means Ram. 'Neb' means master, lord. Tata (Dada) is the name of the city. Ba Neb Dada is thus "the Great Ram, lord of the city Tata (Dada)". The greeks called the city Mendes. Hat Mehit was identified with Auset. Heru pa khart, meaning Heru the child, was identified with Heru or Khensu son of Ausar and Auset.

Ba Neb Tata or Ba Neb Dada became corrupted into Ba Ne Dada, Banedada, Bandada, Pandada and Pandera. Remember, the rolling 'r' in our Ancestral languages (tongue tapping the roof of the mouth once) sounds like a soft 'd'. This is why Tuesday in the Akan language (Benada--Beh-nah-dah) is veritably indistinguishable with benara (Beh-nah-rah), when the rolling 'r' is pronounced. This is why "Ra" is pronounced/called "Da" in Ewe Vodoun. 'B' and 'P' are interchangeable. The 'n' is nasal.

Ausar or Banebdada/Bandara/Pandara/Pandera is the Father"--symbolized as a Ram. Heru pa khart is Heru (Khensu/Hesus/Yeshu) son of Pandera. The son of the Ram is the Lamb. There is no "historical jesus" named "ben Pandira". This was a major mistake made by Gerald Massey.

All of this information is in the texts of our Ancestresses and Ancestors and in the languages and cultural/spiritual practices of our contemporary Ancestral Clans (Akan, Bakongo, Yoruba, Igbo, Bambara, Nguni, Dogon, etc.)

You can watch the entire story of 'jesus' play out every year by watching the movements of the sun. The story also plays out in the lunar phases, in your physical body and in the divisions of your spirit that are governed by the different Divinities mentioned in the story.

Khensu Heru is the Deity from which the functions of the fictional jesus were manufactured. (The white iconography comes from Serapis). There was no brotha walking around in Palestine two thousand years ago telling people to turn the other cheek. Study Heru, Khensu, Khensu Nefer Hetep Heru, how Khensu and Heru were identified with one another. Study Auset, the title Merit. Study Ausar, Set, Nebt Het. Ba Neb Tata (Tettet)....."

The Torah

The Torah is a corruption of "tua Ra". This is the title of many compositions of ancient Kamit. For example, "tua" means "worship, adoration". "Tua Ra" means the "Worship/Adoration of Ra". Hence, Torah.

The Quran/Koran

"Khu" is our ancient word for illumination, intelligence, wisdom, the intelligent aspect of the spirit. The Ancestral Spirits are thus called "Aakhu" or the "intelligent" or "shining/illuminated ones". The bird that represents Divine wisdom and is a determinative for "khu" (intelligence, wisdom) is a bird connected with the God of Wisdom, Tehuti.

"Khu Ra" is thus the "Wisdom of Ra". Now we know why the muslims call the "qu-ran/quran" (khu-ra) the "book of wisdom". "Khu-ra" was corrupted in "qu-ran/quran".


The name Moses/Moshe is not derivative of the 'mes' title in the language of Kamit. Moses/Moshe is a purely fictional character. The life story of this fictional character was patterned after the knowledge of the God Tehuti. The title/function/name "maakheru" is the origion of the corruption 'moshe/moses'. Maakheru is very often written "maa kher". We must also recognize that the 'kh' metut is often translated and pronounced 'sh'. The 'r' is a rolling 'r' as in many of our Ancestral languages. Maa-kher thus becomes Maa-sher and later 'moshe/moses'.

The term maakher (maa-she) in Kamit, meaning "true of voice", one who "speaks/voices the divine law" exists in Twi as "mmarahye" (mmara-hye) pronounced (mmara or maa-sheh). In Twi, mmarahye is defined as "jurist" meaning "one who voices the law (mmara)". The term is often used hyemmara (to legislate). Tehuti is the Divine Spokesperson of Ra. He is the original Maa-kher (true of voice and word) Who has the ability to make others "maakher" or true of voice and word. Hence the beginning of the prayer "Es Tehuti s-maakheru Ausar er khefta f" "Hail Tehuti who makes Ausar maakher against His enemies"

When George G.M. James states that the title moshe was a title given to initiates all over Kamit, the reality of that statement is rooted in the fact that when one achieved a certain level of development in this life (and after death) they were given the title "MAA KHER" (Maa-she). In the "Book of the Cow of Heaven" (The Destruction of Mankind) Ra asks Tehuti to "Come with me to the mountainous region" where men and women would not see them (Ra and Tehuti). Ra takes on the form of a God of Light and is thus called "Ra Aakhu".

1. Tehuti (Maa Kher/Maa she/Moshe) goes on the mountain to see the God of Light (burning bush).

2. Ra directs Tehuti to "write down what is in the spirit-world". Tehuti is givine the title An-Maat or "scribe of the Divine Law".

3. Tehuti (Maa kher/Maashe/Moshe) is instructed to become the lawgiver (ten commandments inscribed in stone) Ra makes Tehuti His Deputy on Earth, and gives Tehuti an assistant. This assistant is the Divine baboon called "Anan".

4. Tehuti (Maa kher/Maashe/Moshe) is given a helper. Anan (Ah- nahn) was corrupted into Aa-Rahn or Aaron, the fictional assistant to the fictional Moshe/moses. When you see the depiction of Tehuti sitting in a sacred barque with the baboon Anan next to Him, you are viewing Maakher and Anan (Moshe and Aaron/Moses and Aaron).

5. Ra calls for the Divine Field (Sekhet Hetep) to be created for the followers of Tehuti and calls for Divine food (Aaru) to be placed in the Divine Field. Hence the name Sekhet Aaru.

The promised land (sekhet hetep) is established for the followers of Moshe and the "food from heaven" (aaru) is placed therein. (Note: This is NOT Palestine)

There is much more to this story. When we understand that Tehuti governs the pineal gland and the substances secreted therefrom (serotonin, melatonin)---and that melatonin goes into the production of Melanin, we understand that Tehuti/Maakher/Pineal is stimulated by the light of the Sun (Governed by Ra and Rait). Because of the stimulation of Ra's energy (solar light), the pineal gland can secrete divine food (serotonin, melatonin) for the body's cells to feed off of. The body of melanin is the "sekhet aaru".


Did you know that a major title of Tehuti (God of Wisdom) is Iah? He is called Iah-Tehuti. In this form He has the crescent moon (Iah) on His headress. Jah or Yah is corruption of this title Iah.

Did you know that the bird that represents Tehuti, usually called an ibis (crane-headed bird) is called "Habu" and "Habui" in the language? "Habui" is pronounced [Hah-bweh] Habui (Habweh) was corrupted into Haweh. Just as 'h', 'y', 'j' and 'i' have interchanged (hesus, jesus, yeshu, iesu, issa (arabic)) so is Habui (Habweh) corrupted into Yabweh/Yaweh. Those sounds are also interchageable in Afrikan languages.

There was a curious statement by the greeks, when they said that:

"The Ioudians (judeans/"jews") don't worship the Supreme Being---they worship the demiurge".

Tehuti, Iah-Tehuti, Habui (Yaweh) is the origin of this statement, because much of the plagiarism in the bible deals with Tehuti---whether the greeks understood that or not.


While we're on Tehuti, I might as well state the proper etymology of another biblical name. Tehuti (in the metutu it's 'Thuti') is pronounced 'Taut' by some of our people in "phoenicia" and others. Tehuti was often written with the metut/symbol representing a soft 't' or 'd'. Tehuti (sounds like Dehuti) was thus 'Dahuti' and 'Daut' in some dialects. Daut was corrupted into Dawud.

Dawud still exists in arabic and is equivalent to Dawid (dwd) in "hebrew" and David in english.


The mythical Abraham/Ibrahim is another fictional character manufactured by the whites and their offspring using the titles and functions of Tehuti.

Tehuti has the ancient title "Aprehui" meaning judge (ap/wp) of the two combatants (rehui--reh means combatant, rehui means two combatants). Aprehui was corrupted into Aprehuim, Abrahuim, Ibrahim, Abraham, by the whites and their offspring. The Two combatants are the Gods Heru and Set.

The etymology Ab-Ra-Hem was popularized by Gerald Massey and has been used by many scholars in our community. But, it is a misconception.

Isaac & Ishmael

Heru, the son of Ausar was the rightful heir to the throne, which Set sought to usurp/take from Him. Heru (Spirit-Force operating through the core of the Sun, the solar core of Earth, the heart and cardiovascular system, the will) has the ancient title "Heq" meaning "ruler", which He has been invoked with for thousands and thousands of years. "Heq" is pronounced "Sheq". This was corrupted into "ishak" (arabic) and "isaac" (hebrew).

Set has the ancient title "Smai-Ur" meaning "smai" (evil associate or fiend; also to join, unite) "ur" (great). "Smai-Ur" in this instance means the "great fiend; evil one". Smai-Ur was corrupted into "smai-ul", "smai-il", "ismaiil" (arabic) and "ishmael" (hebrew).

Set (Smai-Ur) is the Spirit-Force operating through the planet Mercury, the red-hot desert lands of Earth, the nervous system and gonads (testes and ovaries - seat of aggression from whence we get "fired" up), and He also governs the desire (whether guided/lawful or mis guided/lust).

The two combatants, Heru and Set (Heq and Smai-Ur, Ishak and Ismail) were adjudged by Tehuti under His title Aprehui (Aprehuim, Abraham, Ibrahim).

Isaac receiving the covenant and blessings as opposed to his elder Ishmael receiving the covenant and blessings is a perversion of the knowledge of the Gods, where Heru (Heq, Sheq) receives the rulership over certains aspects of Creation as opposed to His Elder Set receiving rulership over certain aspects of Creation.

Smai-Ur (Ismai-ul, ishmael) being a "rough man of the desert" is again a perversion of the knowledge of Set, as He is the God of the Desert. This includes the desert of your body (fiery regions) and your spirit (desire manifesting as strong attraction or sometimes lust).

What is a Jew?

The title Jew is really a misnomer. Judah is a corruption of a title of Tehuti
(Djehuty/Djahuti/Jahuty/Jahuteh/Jahutah/Judah). It is this corruption that was used to create the title Judah, Judeans (greek: Ioudians) from which "jew" is derived.

The important thing is that the title of Tehuti that was corrupted from Aprehui or Uprehui into Ibrahuim/Ibrahim/Abraham was also corrupted by the whites and their offspring from Aprehu to Ebrehu, Ebreu, Hebreu, Hebrew. Of course, there was no person name "Eber" from whom the "Hebrews" are descendant. Eber is a fictional character, the name being a corruption of Aprehui.


Solomon, Sheba, and Menelik are fictional characters. The basis of the story is taken from that of Ausar, Auset and Heru in their stellar aspect.

The abode of Ausar in the sky is called "Sah" in Kamit. This is the Orion constellation. Hence Ausar is called "Ausar-Sah". Yet, Ausar also has a title, "Heri Meht". (hri mht, in the metutu/glyphs). Heri means "he who is above; chief; leader; king". Meht means "north; northern territory". Heri Meht thus means "King or Chief of the Northern Territory". North Kamit was sacred to Ausar as the place where He was resurrected and made His entrance into the Heavenly realm (Sah/Orion) to function as a God in Nature.

"Heri" (Hri) was corrupted into Hori, Holi, Sholi (the aspirated 'h' was sometimes corrupted from 'h' into 'sh'), Soli, and Sol. (There was no 'l' in ancient Kamit, only a rolling 'r'. The 'l' came later with the greeks). "Meht" was corrupted into Met, Meh, and Men. "Herimeht" was thus corrupted into Horimeht, Holimeht, Sholimeht, Sholimen and Solimen/Suliman/Solomon.

Sheba & Menelik

Auset takes up residence in the star system Sapadet (spd.t), often called 'Sirius'. The root word "Sapad" (Spd) means 'to provide'. Auset is thus called "The Great Provider". She is the Queen of the star system Sapadet, and is therefore known as 'the Queen of Sapad.t', or Sapad, which was corrupted into Shabat, Shabad, Shaba, and Saba (Sheba).

Auset, as the Queen of Sapadet (Sheba) also has the title "Rekhit" meaning "wise one" in the language of Kamit. Rekhit was corrupted into "Lekhit" by the whites. The masculine form "Rekh" was corrupted into "Lekh".

When the constellations Ausar-Sah (Osiris-Orion/Heri Meht/Solomon) and Auset Sapadet (Isis-Sirius/Queen of Sapadet/Shaba/Sheba) unite in the sky, they occasion the appearance of a star called Heru am Tuat or Heru am Spdt (Horus in Sothis). This is the stellar Heru, son of Ausar and Auset. As Auset is called "Rekhit" (Lekhit), this Heru is called the "son of Rekhit (Lekhit)---son of the wise one".

The term "per" or "pera" means "product of, offspring of" in the
language of Kamit. "Pera Rekhit" thus means, "offspring of Rekhit---offspring of the Wise one".

Also, "per and pera" meaning "offspring" were corrupted into "ben and bena and ibn" meaning "son/offspring" in hebrew and arabic. In the Kebra Negast, you'll find that Menelik is defined as "son of the wise one"---"bayna lekhim". This is a corruption of the Kamau "pera rekhit". Hence the derivatives---pena lekhit, bena lekhit, bena lekhim, bena lekh, mena lik, menelik.


One of the titles of Ra is "Ra Ur", meaning among other things "Ra, the Great One". This title "Ur" as well as the female equivalent "Urt" was a title conferred upon many Deities and great Ancestresses and Ancestors in Kamit. E.g. Heru Ur, Amen Ur, Urt Hekau.

One of the most important linguistic perversions of the whites and their offspring was to translate the title "UR" into "UL" which also becomes "EL" and "AL" as well as "L". This is the proper derivation of the so-called hebrew "El" and arabic "Al" or "L".

"Ra Ur" or "Ur Ra" became "UL LA" and "AL LAH". Rait* or Rat Urt and Urt Rat became "UL LAT" or "AL LAT". Note that some muslims spell and pronounce Allah as 'Ullah'.

[Rat or Rait is the "Creatress" while Ra is the "Creator". Together, They function as one unit to Create the World.]


Muhammad is another fictional character created by the whites and their offspring.

The God of the Nile in Kamit is called Hap or Hapi. He is the masculine Spirit operating through that body of river water. Hap is the longest river in the world. The Deity Hap was recognized to have twin aspects. As Hap flows through the southern part of the country He is called "Hap Reset" meaning "Hap of the South". As Hap flows through the northern part of the country He is called "Hap Meht" meaning "Hap of the North". The word for water in Kamit is "mu".

"Mu Hap Meht" is a title of Hap, meaning "waters" (Mu) of the "northern Nile" (Hap Meht). This is an ancient title of Hap, used for thousands of years by the people of Kamit. This title was corrupted by the whites into Muhapmed and Muhammad.

It very rarely rains in Kamit, therefore the people are dependent on the flood of the river (Hap) for their survival, and a life of tranquility/peace. The coming of the inundation of the nile (flood of Hap) was occassioned by a celebration every year. This celebration continues today and is called the "Night of the Drop". It is said that from the Eye of Ra (the star Auset-Sapadet/Sirius) a Divine tear drop falls, which causes the swelling of the Nile/Hap every year.

This is why Hap Meht/Mu Hap Meht also has the ancient title "Sarem". "Sa" means "shrine or sanctuary of a God or Goddess". "Rem" means "tear". "Sarem" is a title of Hap meaning the river Hap is a "shrine/sanctuary of the Divine tear (rem) of Auset-Sapadet".

This title "sarem" was corrupted into salem, salm, isalm and islam by the whites and their offspring. (Understand that 'r' and 'l' are interchangeable linguistically. In Kamit as well as the derivative Akan language there is no 'l', just a rolling 'r'. All words with 'l' in them are translated in both languages, and pronounced, as rolling 'r') This is why it is said that Mu Hap Meht (waters of the Northern nile/muhammad) brings Sarem (islam) to the people.

When the river floods its banks, It creates a tremendous lake about 600 miles long and 10-12 miles wide in certain areas. It appears from the ground that when Ra (God) sent MuHapMeht (muhammed) into the country, MuHapMeht and Sarem (muhammad and isalem/islam) overran the country (with water).

As Hap was sent at the end of the year, to start the beginning of a new year and new agricultural season, he was seen as the "last messenger of God" (Ra and also Rait--Rait is the Goddess/Creatress of the World---Ra is the Creator). Mu Hap Meht was the type and figure of a saviour and comforter in Kamit for thousands of years. Again, this info was co-opted by the whites and their offspring when manufacturing their fictional character.


Bilal is none other than the ancient God Baal (Bel). In Kamit, Baal is a form of Set. He is called Bar. "Bar-Ur" (Bar the Great) became Bal-Ul, Bel-Ul and Bil-al.

Set is the God of the desert in Kamit amongst other things/functions. The deserts are just outside of the fertile plains of the nile valley. This is why when Muhapmeht (waters of the northern nile) floods the nile valley, the very first land that is flooded outside of the nile valley are the deserts. I.e., Bilal (Bar-Ur) the Kush1te/Ethiopian/Black-Red individual/Desert was the first "convert" of Muhammad. Bilal being "burned" in the desert sands, etc., etc. is nothing more than an allusion to the fact that we are talking about Set (Bar) the God of the Desert.


The divinity Qebh in Kamit was the basis of Iah-Qebh or Yakub. Qebh is one of the titles of the God Kunwem (Khnum; Khnemu) who is often shown as a ram-headed Deity fashioning the soul of the person on a potter's wheel. The name is spelled Khnm in the metutu. Egyptologists didn't understand how to pronounce it, so they often write in Khnum, Khnem, etc. In the Twi language of the Akan, the name for a potter is "okukunwem-fo". The -fo is a suffix denoting plurality. Oku-kunwem, is the name Kunwem (Khunwem/Khnem) from Kamit meaning potter. All you have to do is look at the languages and trace their origins to the Metu Ntr (heiroglyphic) symbols and their meanings.

Again, Iah-Qebh/Iah-Qeb/Yah-Qeb/Yah-Qub/Yah-Kub/Ya-Kub is a fictional character. As you can see the title became distorted and the stories became corrupted over time by the Caucasians and Arabs. These people did not exist.