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Basic Policy-Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika


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First and foremost, the Basic Policy of the Government has not changed. Our policy as stated in the platform papers of December 1969 state:

The basic policy of the government is to establish national strength through sovereignty, effective international relations, and inherent viability. Our position is that all the land where Black people live, in what has been called "the continental U.S.," is our land, where we have lived on it traditionally, worked and developed it, and fought for it. This is the subjugated territory of the Republic of New Africa. Our basic national objective is to free this land from subjugation: to win sovereignty.
The New Africans’ claim, by rights of heritage and reparations, five states of the Deep South: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. In this area in many counties New Afrikans/ /Blacks already constitute a numerical majority. One set of these counties lies along the Mississippi River from Memphis to the Louisiana border and constitutes a contiguous territory containing more than 15,000 square miles – a territory which We call the Kush District , almost twice as large as the state of Israel. It
is here that the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Africa has opened its struggle for land and independence

Guidance from Imari Obadele...

In 2004 Imari Abubakari Obadele wrote an Exploration: " The Struggle for Independence And Reparations From The United States"; One important reason that many New Afrikans still work for an independent Black state is economic: it has to do with jobs for our people and meaningful careers, the economic power to develop industry, science and world trade - to stand on our feet as a nation-state with the respect of the world – a respect now lacking."

He went on to state The Key things which We must do are these:

1. We must go into the streets and back roads, and make the following facts known to all our people.

The New Afrikan nation grew up in North America during 200 years between 1660 and 1865, and We have continued to grow as a nation. The Black nation, the New Afrikan nation, is now 300 years old.

Some of our people, like Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, and Osborne Perry Anderson, took up arms during slavery to help create a free New Afrikan nation-state here in North America. Men Like Malcolm X and women like Queen Mother Moore and Dara Abubakari, have kept alive this work. Today the international law supports us.

In 1968 500 Black people met in Detroit and formed a Provisional Government for the nation. This "PG" has the job of leading the struggle to Free the Land", the five states of the deep south, and to build a powerful independent nation-state for those who want it. This work is led today by President Alvin Brown and P.C.C. Chairperson, Bro. Fahiym Ali. Provisional" is "Temporary".....before independence.)
2. Second, We must win support of all Black people for the Provisional Government. The more people use PG courts and support the independent Black foreign policy the stronger will the Provisional Government and the work for independence become.
3. Third, We must organize people to participate in a people’s vote (a plebiscite) for independence. We must run this vote ourselves, in accordance with the international law, and We must select polling places, create ballots, arrange for exact and verifiable counting of the votes and, or course, organize people to participate in all of this.
4. Finally, We must be ready to defend ourselves politically and military against those who would try to keep us from controlling the land after the vote. We must keep the will of our people strong. At the same time We must keep up pressure for support from the U.S. congress, from the United Nations and from countries all over the world. In the end, provided that We persist, the United States will have to make an honorable peace treaty with the Provisional Government. The United States will be forced to recognize the independence of our land, people, and government, the Republic of New Afrika. We will then establish peaceful and prosperous relations between our two nation-states, assuming that the United States does continue to exist. With all this, We must begin to build schools, health centers, media centers- and industry owned by the people, before independence .

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