Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Yakini Saba (Seven Affirmations)

The Yakini Saba (Seven Affirmations) uses the African language of Swahili (in the same spirit of Kwanzaa) to convey the importance of seven basic character building principles for insight and inner growth. Perhaps, now is the time to release this code: The Yakini Saba: Guiding Principles of the Kawaida Basuto UPENDO (Devotion, Inspiration): I will seek to establish and deepen my relationship with the Great Spirit, and fulfill my daily spiritual obligation. NIDHAMU (Discipline): I will exercise my powers of concentration and determination, that I may drive myself beyond most limitations and achieve the desired goal. USTADI (Skill): I will learn and master an art or craft. I will use this ability in service to the community, without greed or glory. HESHIMA (Honor): I will endeavor to live morally, that I may bring respect to others and myself. I will do my best to live humbly, that I may freely give respect to others, and openly receive the respect which others give to me. KUJILINZI (Self-Defense): I will do my utmost to protect myself and others from harmful adversaries, without vindictiveness, and the unnecessary use of deadly force. HAKI (Sportsmanship): I will learn the rules of the game. I will play the game honorably, with respect for the rules, despite any foul play on the part of my opponent. KUTENDA (Commitment): I will strive in all that I do, to live by my word. I will endeavor to the best of my ability, to follow through unto completion, in all that I set my hands to do. Article Source:

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