Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Without a strategic vision pro-action is almost impossible because one cannot account for the subjective factors (with or without a "strategy") it is practicable then to err on the side organization tactically, rather than with spontaneous "knee-jerk" responses. We must understand what the opposition's game plan is, or lack there-of and translate that understanding into a coherent "action program". Needless to say leadership is key, and jackanape politics does indeed complicate things because such politics reflect shallow depth of analysis.  This almost comical state of affairs lends itself to a proliferation of not only Internet activists, studio militants, and Talk Show analysts eager for ratings and self promotion, but also allows Gatekeepers and their loyal opposition with access to money to dominate the public dialogue who reduce the serious issues of our day to jokes and ignorant pontification. Sadly, few fully appreciate that both spontaneous rallies and spontaneous rebellions (violence) have limited but undeniable utility only when there is a relatively coherent mass movement with bonafide tactical and strategic objectives that translate possible reactionary responses into a revolutionary political context (or influence).  Indeed MLK, Lowery, and the entire leadership pantheon of the "Civil Rights" era would have not been as effective in the tactical struggle against institutional apartheid in America were it not for the spontaneous rebellions in the street.  Historically we know this from our national organization of NCCF's during the height of the state's repression to the Black Liberation Movement/Anti-War movement/and Worker's movements. 

The subjective impact of the policies of America's political elite on a diverse youthful segment of American society during the 60s and 70s brought mass protest to a peak by the late 60s and a tidal wave of institutional reforms in the 70s that were subsequently rolled back as the mass civil-rights, anti-war, and anti-racist movements were circumscribed by reforms that would herald the rise of a new Gatekeeper class.  Under these conditions the united front against fascism grew exponentially giving rise to the original "Rainbow Coalition" concept that Jessie would later use to Jack milk Corporations out of money and get his cronies hired.  Compare that period to the recent crisis of Finance Capitalism that created the OWS movement and how easily it was essentially smashed because lacked both a coherent movement and political strategic vision expressed in concrete organization. But the point is obvious:  Rallies, demonstrations, marches, boycotts are each offensive expressions of a movements strengths and when poorly planned or executed they signal weakness. The enemy understands that. So when delusional activists claim they are "shutting" down a city and can barely muster 200 people at a rally, or put a "million" before for the word march, and when their march jumps off only 500 people show up, or demonstrate every day for three years pushing an emotional agenda while the local power structure hardly misses a beat; Should speak volumes about the weaknesses of left opportunism.  Mass mobilization reflects effective organization. 

 On the other hand, the subjective factor is the dynamic factor in all human struggles.   It cannot be programmed Calculated.  This is called by reactionary and racist policy makers the "fog of war".  The unaccountable, unforeseen, concealed. So sometimes people in their outrage, indignation, will seize the historical moment, and throw themselves on the system. Trailing behind such momentum can be equally reactionary as the opportunists who exploit peoples sense of vulnerability and injustice for their own ends because, as MLK once said, "violence is the language of the voiceless" and it would therefore be our duty to speak truth to both power and charlatans, allies and adversaries alike in order for people to appreciate where they are headed and being led. There should be no "behind closed door" critiques with people who's track record on the issues is dubious at best and reactionary at worst.  People need to know the nature of the people who would presume to "lead" them somewhere. Those who say contrary have much to hide and little they want explain.  Give People a voice. The deficiencies of groups like NBPP, NAACP, NAN, et al and many Faith Based formations (tho perhaps unintentional) often cannot compensate for their own exclusivity. By that I mean their tactical irrelevancy far outweighs their strategic political value in the construction of a truly independent political power base.  We are being led down primrose lane right now by the same mind-set of Black establishment leadership that allowed 2.5 million people to be locked up by the state pursuing a bogus war on drugs.  It was on the watch of the so called Black leaders and messianic figures who today focus on effects (rather than abolish the causes) that the system of the "New Jim Crow" was erected. These leaders are reinvigorated by the the Martin verdict and think they can lead folks astray again for their own  political aggrandizement.  

Then there are the opportunists who's inability to mobilize people on a large scale causes them to seize upon the "dramatic moment" for relevancy and self-value.  It is such Left opportunism that permits corporate and reactionary mass media to seize upon the ridiculous behavior of the ill-disciplined, untrained, and apolitical rabble rousers to defame legitimate resistance.  The enemy draws propaganda sustenance from the "waffle n chicken" dialectics of  Black Left opportunism using racist liberal coding to denigrate progressive militant action, militant proactive organizations, and out of the box analysis that does not comport with conventional wisdom and dogma.  When the Sylvia's of the Hood become "action central" for activists mobilizing people on food-stamps (and there's no "free lunch" program" there then you know the deal).  Black people's condition cry out for principled fearless leadership and uncompromising analysis but sadly we are trapped between opportunists on the Left, and collaborationists on the Right at a point in time when the NSS has unlimited power. Maybe you should just order some spicy wings to go.....

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