Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Without A New Afrikan Personality First There Will Be No RNA (Cinque Kofi Kinaya)

In the name of the Creator, to Whom all Praise is due! And in the memory of all our Freedom Fighting Ancestors, both known and unknown; who dared all; who sacrificed all; and died for our struggle for self - determination; Land and Independence. Now it is our time to do no less!Greetings of Peace and to Us belong a sovereign Black Nation. We are gathered here this weekend in Detroit, Michigan, to commemorate the 34th Anniversary of the founding of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG - RNA). The theme of New Afrikan Nation Day 2002 is, “Revisiting the Vision - Accomplishing the Mission.” Look back to 1968, a year in which 500 various Black Nationalists converged in this city and founded the PG - RNA. Indeed 1968 was a year of proclaiming a Black Nation and political murders. It was a year that 16 year-old Black Panther member ‘Little’ Bobby Hutton was viciously killed by racist Oakland police. Moreover in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, resulting in over 150 U.S. cities being engulfed in flames, rocked by Black rebellions; 1968 was a year that John Carlos and Tommy Smith raised clinched - fist salutes at the Olympics. It was a high tide year of Black struggle against the amerikan empire. From the first PG - RNA president, Robert Williams, who became an Ancestor, to our current PG - RNA president, Demetri Marshall, much has changed from 1968 to 2002.

The world has changed; the competition and crisis of imperialism has made the amerikan empire change, which has externally impacted upon our captive Black Nation, causing tremendous adverse changes. Inside the Black Nation, much has changed; our human rights struggle; our decolonization struggle for self - determination; Land and Independence, is at a very low - tide. Youthful Black power salutes have changed to throwing - up gang signs; youth saying Black Power has changed to saying ‘it’s all about getting paid’. Urban political power has changed from white mayors to Black mayors neglecting Black neighborhoods. Black labor has changed to becoming economically obsolete. Black men’s status has changed from working to being massively warehoused in prisons. In many instances police murders have changed from white pigs to Black soldier cops killing Black people. The school systems have changed in our communities from white teachers miseducating our children to, in many instances Black teachers doing the same mentacide.

Our neighborhoods have changed from Black businesses and Black Panther survival programs to dope houses, mega churches, and foreign economic monopoly. Alien businesses controlling almost every grocery stores, party stores, gas stations, coney - island restaraunts, used car lots, pawn shops / gold exchange, laundry mats, clothing stores, video stores, cleaners, and phone - pager shops. Most importantly, from my perspective, the New Afrikan personality has changed, from believing We could ‘Free the Land’, now to acting like We want some ‘Free Land’, or maybe ‘Buy the Land’ when We get reparations. For the most part, We are now abstract New Afrikans; superficial New Afrikans; We have basically African - American personalities, with New Afrikan lip - service. We lead ‘double - lives’; We say We want to ‘Free the Land’; but We don’t engage in nation - building; We say the community is more important than the individual (NA Creed #3); but We act like the individual is more important than the community. We primarily engage in surviving under the amerikan empire; instead of progressing toward Nationhood. This internal contradiction (loyalty vs. betrayal), reflects the dual - identity disorder in the New Afrikan personality; as W.E. B. DuBois stated:”One ever feels his two - ness, an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body; whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.” These warring ideals DuBois mentioned causes hypocrisy in our lives; it keeps us in a state of confusion; it causes split priorities and a ‘love - hate’ dilemma towards the amerikan empire; it results in a half - baked attitude towards nation - building.

For the New Afrikan Independence Movement (NAIM) to progress, an individual internal synthesis must occur, where the New Arikan personality becomes paramount - primary: *The New Afrikan personality affirmation is based on point #14 of the New Afrikan Creed:”i will keep myself clean in body, dress, and speech, knowing that i am a light set on a hill, a true representative of what We are building.” *The standard affirmation of the New Afrikan personality is based on point #10 of the New Afrikan Creed:”i will give my life if that is necessary. i will give my time, my mind, my strength, and my wealth because this IS necessary” *The mission affirmation of the New Afrikan personality is based on point #9 of the New Afrikan Creed:”Therefore i pledge to struggle without cease until We have won sovereignty. i pledge to struggle without fail until We have built a better condition than the world has yet known.” *The faith affirmation of the New Afrikan personality is based on point #1 of the New Afrikan Creed:”i believe in the spirituality, humanity, and genius of Black people and in our new pursuit of these values.” *The organizing affirmation of the New Afrikan personality is based on point #15 of the New Afrikan Creed:”i will be patient and uplifting with the deaf, dumb, and blind; and i will seek by word and deed to heal the Black family; to bring into the Movement and into the Community, mothers and fathers, brothers and sister left by the wayside.”

From my perspective, developing and solidifying the New Afrikan personality is a prerequisite for advancement and Independence. Our Independence movement without strong New Afrikan personalities won’t be able to endure the necessary sacrifices to ‘Free the land’. Without this New Afrikan personality We can’t ‘Accomplish the Mission’. We will only continue to ‘Dream the Land’. Rebuild to Win to Free the Land! *Cinque Kofi Kinaya

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