Friday, July 26, 2013

Man,God,Civilization (Pineal Body) John G Jackson

Pg 25 The factors and evidences of evolution, Pineal Body: At the base of the brain is a little organ known as the pineal body which exercises control over the functioning of the glands of internatl secretion. in the words of a distinguished neuro-surgeon: " The main function of the pineal organ is to retard the action of the hormones, or endocrines of the other organs, e.g. pituitrin, thyroxin, insulin,oestrin, and the testicular hormone, of the pituitary,thyroid, pancreas,ovary and testis, respectively. The pineal organ is thus a super-endocrine organ that checks over activity on the part of any member of the endocrine system" (10, p, 107n).. The pineal body is described in starling'ss Physiology as "a vestigial remnant of a primitive dorsal eye." McCabe in discussing the pinel organ states, " It is clear the relic of a third eye that once functioned on top of the head in a primitive animal. One can often see this third eye, through now covered with skin, standing out like a large marble on top of the head of a crocodile. In a very primitive New Zealeand lizard, the tuatara, it plainly shows structure of an eye, with retins and optic nerve in a state of decay. From the reptile level we trace it through the higher animals, sinking deeper and deeper in the head until it becomes the pineal body" (154,p 244) Admiral Beadnell made a study of the tuatara,and in explaining the evolutionary signifigance of the pineal body, gave his objections to calling it a third eye in the following words' "Remains of this third eye (as it is wrongly called) are present in lampreys, frogs and lizards, and can sometimes be seen in the frog on the top of the head between the normal lateral eyes as the so-called Stieda's organ. In the extinct amphibian reptiles of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods, this median eye, or rathe a pair of eyes, was much better developed. Recent embrylogical research has demonstrated that the remaining pineal eye in Sphenodon(tuatara) is the left eye of the ancestrial pair, while that in the lamprey is the right one. Birds and mammals also possess vestiges of this extra median pair of eyes" (10 pp. 106-70) From John G Jacksons Book Man,God,Civilizations on the third eye pineal gland/body

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