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11 black super heros that use electricity (Shango)

Its a well known fact that greek gods/Roman gods all the way to comic heros that are usually european derivie and originate from the Afrikan gods of west afrika and north afrika and several other parts of afrika mainly YORUBA LAND in Nigeria " The orishas" and in KEMET(egypt) "The neterus" , being that the word HERO derives from the word HERU the falcon/sun god neteru of kemet.. heres a example of black comic/heros=Herus and one female whos concepted after the orisha OYA , The rest originate from the great orisha SHANGO of yoruba and the ifa 11 black super heros that use electricity - Rebuild Haki kweli shakur

Black Lightning, Source: IGN
When it comes to black superheroes, electricity goes a long way. Quite a few of them have electrical powers. Possibly it's because of one of the major black heroes, Black Lightning. It's also a good generic power, like super-strength and flight. Here's a rundown of eleven superheroes of color who send sparks flying.

1. Black Lightning

Black Lightning is one of the first major African American superheroes to appear in DC Comics. He also set the trend of black electrical heroes. He had the power to generate electricity and shoot lightning bolts. His powers originally came from a belt, but this was later retconned to make him a metahuman.

2. Black Vulcan

Black Vulcan first appeared on the Super Friends TV show instead of the comics. He was created to replace Black Lightning, because of a rights dispute with BL's creator, Tony Isabella. Vulcan's powers differed from Lightning in that he could wrap people up with his lightning bolts instead of electrocute them. He also could turn himself into pure energy.

3. Static

Static was created for the DC imprint, Milestone, and later became part of the DC comics universe. After being doused with a radioactive chemical by police, Static gained the power to create electric shocks and move metal objects. With his witty comments and science background, he was the black Spiderman. At least, he was until the actual black Spiderman.

4. Soul Power

When Static got an animated series called Static Shock, it also introduced this new electrically charged hero. Soul Power was a funky seventies hero whose powers worked much like Static's. But Soul Power is unique because of his groovy victory dance.

5. Juice

In Justice League Unlimited, the League encountered a group of genetically engineered superheroes called the Ultimen. The Ultimen had analogues of all the original characters created for the Super Friends, including Black Vulcan. So if you're keeping score, Black Lightning led to Black Vulcan, who led to Juice. Everybody got that?

6. Lightning

When Black Lightning has two daughters, the kids inherit superpowers. After graduation from school, the daughters become Thunder and Lightning. Lightning has similar powers as her father, using electricity. The circle continues...

7. Storm

Storm is a mutant member of the X-Men with the power to control the weather. One of her favorite uses of her power is to summon bolts of lightning. Electricity, always the electricity.

8. Ultimate Spider-Man

When Miles Morales took on the mantle of Ultimate Spiderman after the death of Peter Parker, he also gained new abilities. One ability is what he calls his "venom strike," an electric shock that can stun or incapacitate his enemies. It goes well with his spider-sense, both powers real spiders don't have.

9. Volt

Boom Comics' series Irredeemable had a superhero who could throw electricity. In one comic, Volt complained about being the stereotypical "black man with electric powers." In some ways, that made him a parody of Black Lightning and Static, but also his own.

10. Shango The Thunderer

Marvel has Thor, the god of thunder. DC has Shango. The ancient African people worshiped a group of beings as gods, and their god of thunder was Shango. Firestorm has tangled with him a number of times, and Shango always breaks out the lightning.

11. Thunder Fall

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a group of super-powered beings called the Kingdom led a revolution before disappearing. One of them was known as Thunder Fall. He could fire electrical blasts from his hands. That, and even teaming up with Batwing, wasn't enough to save him.

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