Monday, October 14, 2013

Rejecting The Laws of Empire - Romaine Chip Fitzgerald

The laws that govern, protect and promote the economic and political interests of the U.S. Empire are not of the people, or by the people. The historical record says that this country was founded by and for wealthy white men to the exclusion of women and people of color. Women and people of color totaling the majority of the population of the colonial territories had nothing to do with the framing or content of the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, with regard to the state — the U.S. Empire — there are no laws the people are bound to respect. The people are politically correct to reject the laws not of their making.

The historical evidence suggests that the laws authored by the Founding Fathers and their wealthy white male contemporaries were for the purpose of facilitating and protecting the capitalist mode of production and distribution of wealth, and to maintain the political supremacy of the white male hierarchy. And although this social and political experiment called the U.S. began in the period of 1776, the distance of time and space between the past and present, does not diminish the purpose nor intent of the laws that were designed for the domination of capital and white men. (Certainly, there was a prevailing sense of entitlement to social and political supremacy and privilege among the ruling class of the Founding Fathers by virtue of their literacy, and their control of the science and technologies of the era. The sentiments of women and people of color were simply not factored into the decision making process.)

Rational beings don’t subscribe to the proposition that the political and military might of the corporate ruling circle here in the Twenty First Century, here in the modern era, makes them right, or entitles them to define universal reality. A liberated people exercises choices, decisions, and actions independent of the influences of a culture of sociopathic greed and Western supremacy. Rational beings are uncompromising in their rejection of the Laws of Empire!
With compassion and solidarity! - Romaine Chip Fitzgerald August 1st 2013 published 

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