Tuesday, February 12, 2013

20 New Afrikan Liberation Terms of importance:

1. Agent Provocateur : One who joins a suspected group in order to encourage its members to commit illegal acts in which they may then be busted for, he she pretends to be sympathetic towards the aims of the group that he infiltrates. 2. Black Collaborator : Those few Afrikans brought into the capitalist system at all levels, including such high levels as black capitalist, project directors, administrators, etc. who have enough of a stake in the operation of the system to cooperate in pacification programs against their Brothers and Sisters, The House Niggaz. 3. Constructive Criticism : The positive correcting and pointing out of mistaken ideas and incorrect practices, and the offering of concrete practical solutions that builds instead of tears down. 4. Fascism : A repressive form of government that takes on a police state characteristics, in that, all forms of political, economical and social opposition is forcibly suppressed to maintain the status-quo 5. Colonialism : foreign domination of a country or People where the economic, political and military structure is controlled and run by the occupying force. 6. Neo-Colonialism : Foreign domination of a country or People by a imperialist power where the economic, political and military structure is manned and run by the native bourgeoisie. The imperialist maintain control of the economy because they continue to own the means of production, and the client state is totally dependent militarily and politically for their survival ie. Iraq, South Korea, Haiti etc. 7. Counter-Revolutionary One who opposes a Revolutionary and the Revolution . 8. Dogmatic : To be rigid and unbending: failing to take into account the changing conditions or the difference between one situation and another. 9. Cadre : A nucleus of trained experienced activists in a organization capable of assuming leadership and / or training and educating, instructing others to perform functional roles. 10. Revolution : A complete and radical change from one social system into another. The violent and complete struggle waged by the People to rid themselves of an oppressive system of government into a more progressive and humane society. This includes not only the political structure, but also the philosophy and ideology, mode of production, relations of production as well as the spiritual and social mentality and outlook of society. 11. Scientific Socialism: Scientific socialism refers to a method for understanding and predicting social, economic and material phenomena by examining their historical trends through the use of the scientific method in order to derive probable outcomes and probable future developments. It is in contrast to what later socialists referred to as "utopian socialism"; a method based on establishing seemingly rational propositions for organizing society and convincing others of their rationality and/or desirability. It also contrasts with classical liberal notions of natural law, which are grounded in metaphysical notions of morality rather than a dynamic materialist or physicalist conception of the world 12. Capitalism: a economic system based on myth of free enterprise and private ownership of the means of production and profit i.e. USA,france,britain, w.germany 13. Class society: a tier system where the people are seperated into different catergories based upon their financial relationshipsto the means of production 14. theory: a set of ideas assumptions and principles upon whhich attempts to prove a certain conclusion 15. socialism: a social system where the means of production are owned collectively by the people through states where basis production is for the peoples welfare not profit. 16. exploitation: the unjust method of using people for profit advantage 17. oppression: unjust cruel excersie of authority to deny people there human rights as well as there right to decent healthy life intolerable living conditions i.e such as inadequate health,education,medical care, housing etc 18. imperialism: the exploitation rape subsequent oppression practiced by one nation over another for greed and profit,the extension of capitalism into a international arena 19. liberation: a state of freedom from repressive or exploitative existence where the people have gained control of there own lives and right to self-determination 20. ideological struggle: the non-antagonistic non physical striving verbally and through practice between different ideologies in trying to prove themselves correct and those opposing correct

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