Sunday, July 15, 2012

Western civilization beliefs/conditions/oppression/ Got us killing each other mentally & physically #50

Western civilization got us against each other an killing each other mentally & physically... 1st cause of there beliefs our ancestors and great great grandfathers and grandmothers and before them were mentally destroyed and physically cause of the oppressor's literature and religious beliefs they forced on them but at the same time told them they were black and didn't have no god and that they were cursed cause of skin color and there literature told them that, but then whipped it into us to belief in it or get hung on a tree... 2nd they stripped us of all idenity period its pure fact you can ignore it but can't erase that it happen and don't care what people say we have no culture no spiritual balance no nothing it got to the point where hiphop has became our culture the way it looks today homo out thatz not culture that confusion and physchological hypnosis and gender attacks idenity crisis but look who controls hiphop smh...3rd oppression dam we have suffered a long and eternal war against western civilization built off european supremacy since the invasions of africa all the way up too now where its more mental and then physicall reaction on each other its sorder like self suicide lookin the mirror and trying to kill your self thats self hatred, like Malcolm el-hajj said who taught you to hate your self??? the science to over come this is to overstand those 3 pointz beliefs/conditions/oppression that got us committing this word Genocide or should i say self genocide on each other due to western civilization and colonization of our people here in the Amerikan empire aka corperation of the u.s.a. ... soon has we can defeat those and over come those vital 3 points with... Formula for a new path to Re-build 1st history of self to over come the brain wash rhetoric of western civilization through poisoness literature thatz been putt forth incorrectly to afrikan people but on purpose while they were learning and takin all our knowledge from the mother land they formatted there plan to keep us from it and to put your belief in it to keep you surpressed and blind to your true science of self they did that with religion..

2nd would be through Socialism meaning taking charge of our resources/production/economics only through socialism will this be obtain gotta build our own independent structures of independence of production by doing this we a keep all in the afrikan family and our conditions will take a extreme 360 i know it a be kinda hard cause the european alwayz gotta have a tactic to cut that off but if we gotta defend to our best will then any means we will do that... 3rd over coming oppression period must start wit your oppress ignorant mind statez itz one thing to blame the european for it which they have they role a good role but itz injustice of self evolution to stay in that oppressed mentality cause your not gotta benifit nothing but depression and i don't give fuck and criminalization behaviors and destruction of self and the afrikan nation in amerika thatz the cycle you see daily on the news outletz oppression breedz self hatred which in return releases outward hatred of otherz itz the negative and positive duality twins again they stay there itz universal so either we can fix that and watch oppression evaporate well most of it into thin air then we can see crime/jail/murders start to decline rapidly and move into a new cycle of afrikan life with prosperity and str8 forward advancement whic is called revolution meaning a 360 degree change and when that happen western civilizations 3 points will be destroyed out of our atmosphere and afrikan nation and we'll return to greatness i quote a oled new afrikan saying " WE MUST START FROM WITHIN TO RETURN TO OUR ORIGINAL GREATNESS" ~ Re-Build by Haki Kweli Shakur(Antione Martin) twitter @haki_shakur

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